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Taranaki Maori Trust Board Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting for the Taranaki Maori Trust will be helf 23 November 2013 at Waioturi Marae, for more information click here

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    16TH APRIL 2015:
    DATE: Wednesday 16th April 2015 Time: 1pm to 4pm
    PLACE: Te Ao Marama Hall, Ohinemutu, ROTORUA
    ‘FEARFUL’ NEGOTIATORS, REPRESENTING TE ARAWA – WILL FAIL US IN SUCCESSFUL FULL NEGOTIATIONS: Going into any negotiations ‘against’ this shrewd crown on any Treaty negotiations, those with FEAR instilled (BEING AFRAID) of the crown judicial system of racial prejudice, a system of arrogance, shrewd cunning, selfish adult behaviour of JEALOUSY. This, TAKES a UNIQUE talented strategic FEW!!! IN A FULL MANA WERO!!! Seasonal Negotiatons by arrogant policital party national party, negotiations with judicial sharks present and a ceo probable, for the process, is all part of fully understanding, the type of snake pit we are going into. And knowing some of our own Maori are on the crowns side. Therefore, is the Te Arawa Lakes Trust Chairman representaion fitted to this challenge?, because if they are not, then we need a NEW FRESH CHALLENGING GROUP to oversee negotiations, as a replacement.

    ‘HIGHLY STRATEGIC (WERO) CHALLENGER LEADERSHIP’, IDENTIFIED WILL GUARANTEE A ‘FULL’ RETURNS OUTCOME: There is no other way, we should be approaching, going into these negotiations, unless, ONLY WITH ‘THE BEST’ SHARPEST TRIBAL LEADERSHIP REPRESENTATION, recognised, acknowledged and hand picked by the Hapu, Whanau base majority. This will determine who HOLDS THE BALANCE OF POWER, even a shift in the balance of power that oversees FULL HEARINGS TO FULL RETURNS with a hope of FULL CLOSURE by peace agreements, for a time of Healing.
    NEGOTIATIONS BETWEEN MAORI & CROWN: SHOULD BE SEEN AS A ‘PROCESS OF JUSTICE’: This must be understood by both parties on either side. That this season of SETTLING grievances, claims, it must be clearly understood (maramatanga) that it is recognised and seen as a ‘Process of Justice’ with the end in sight of full closure via peace agreements for a time of healing, as our Ancestors pre-arranged some 800 years ago.

    BRINGING THE CROWN TO ITS KNEES, BY ASSERTING AN AUTHORITY, & PERSUATION OF ‘FACT BASED’ EVIDENCE PRESENTED – ACKNOWLEDGING ‘MAORI OWN TE WAI’ PARAMOUNT!: The first point of serious address is crown acknowledging Maori ownership of te wai! This is more than possible! With a reply of ‘historical facts’ of common sense evidence gathered, and simplified in a ‘easy read’, small document interpretation, compilation presentation, FOR JUDGING AS APPLICABLE TO CASES. This, placed in front of crown negotiators is completed, with a pressured strategy to put them in a position where there is no other option, outcome but acknowledge their wrongs. Acknowledging Wrongs, Acknowledging Wrong doings is humility based, when the history of arrogant pride from racial superiority and jealousy has been long outwardly, displayed. An uncomfortable place of decision making, even a yeilding position of submission to a Maori double wero, even a tripple threat wero, challenging where they are at present tense, as to where they should future tense in submission to Te Arawa Taniwha! For a shift in the balance of power in negotiating, that can only give our Maori people the upper hand in returns in all fairness. Even presenting this to the crown at the same time it should PUBLICLY TRIBALLLY, PRESENTED TO BE WATCHED, in a strategy plan, triple wero/challenge of pressure placed upon the crown to respond accordingly under public squeezed pressure to reach breaking point! IN ANOTHER wero REMINDER THAT….TE ARAWA NEVER SIGNED Victoria’s treaty which led to Elizabeths 3 courthouses instructed by her coat of arms symbol for LAND USE instructions.
    Then, a PUBLIC MAIN STREAM MEDIA ACKNOWLEDGEMENT response communicating a time of change. Have you noticed tv1 tv2 tv3 news NEVER REPORT much about the nationwide historical Treaty of Waitangi settlements between them and Maori? This most important season, is just another media coverup of Maori exclusion, displaying Maori as unimportant. This, needs OPENING UP now, through magazines, newspapers, tv news, internet AWARENESS!! This is where a lack of PUBLIC UNDERSTANDING outcome is put scross purposely.

    64 USE-HOLDERS OF TE WAI! This information shared teaches us about mass amounts of this taonga natural resource being USED AND ABUSED. By theese so called ’64 Use Holders’ water use, this is also confirms Pakeha crown ownership of Maori water, by how its used and who is using it for BUSINESS PROFIT MAKING PURPOSES! I assure you this the crown again is LIVING OFF THIS BENEFIT making a profit! This, is another arrogant display of selfish adult behaviour that needs PUBLIC COMUNICATIONS CORRECTING, once understanding common sense. Of 1)who owns the water, 2)who MASS uses the water for business profit, verses 3) Basic human rights to common sense basic drinking water use. UNDERSTANDING COMES FROM BASIC COMMUNICATIONS OF SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS giving ‘basic’ explanations.
    READING PATTERNS OF HISTORY – PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE: Reading the patterns of history on Maori tribal areas lands, past present and history, as well as how the crown has stolen and used lands, and water/geothermal resources etc in any negotiating process, is paramount to negotiations being HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL. Even FULL RETURNS SUCCESSES. On the scales of balance in the balance of power.

    UNDERSTANDING THE HISTORY OF HOW THIS ENEMY crown, IS OPERATING: prior to going into negotiations, will determine our GOAL: SUCCESS to FULL settlement negotiations, and how we can bring this enemy to its knees in this millennium era challenge for radicle change as to whom truly, holds the balance of power!!!
    WHO IS ATTENDING NEGOTIATIONS ON ‘BEHALF OF THE CROWN’ AS A GROUP (how many in group), AS INDIVIDUAL WATCHERS INVOLVED SITTING AROUND THE BACK: A balanced approach of knowing the ‘seated layout’ of those Individuals, each named, and their position of expertise job description, and prior background as to how they came to be ‘crown representatives’, in these negotiations:

    AS MUCH HISTORICAL KNOWLEDGE & UNDERSTANDING OF a)INDIVIDUAL CLAIMS, b)HAPU MARAE GROUP CLAIMS, c)UNIFIED TRIBAL CLAIMS: Understanding history of mass land areas were under individual original Maori landowners, even individual Tohunga Ariki ARAHI KAITIAKI landowners, according to their whakapapa affiliations, to ‘identified individual place names’ or places named by our Ancestors. Past places were named with a ‘strategy purpose’ – with the future in mind! Having as much knowledge, understanding in individual tribal grievance cases – is paramount to a rightful YEILDING acknowledgement by this crown to bring it to its knees, in this shrewd judicial crown process challenge.

    NEGOTIATIONS IN A STRESSFUL, RUSHED PROCESS IS NOT A WAY TO SERVING JUSTICE BY SATISFYING, SUCCESSFUL PEACE AGREEMENTS: The Adult expected process of completing peace agreements/claims that will look after us and our new generations coming through should not be rushed, but careful steps taken to ensure satisfying successes, that we are TRULY ENTITLED TO, human righrs speaking. Even completing claims to fit into each financial year closure, or completing claims to fit in with poltical voting seasons is an injustice of outside pressures to rush processes with a fast paced expected outcome. How can negotiations be first priority focus led by these Uncles if the crown wants them to take its presentation around the nation at 9 hui? What a load of non sense! WE SHOULD BE IN FULLY CONCENTRATING ON NEGOTIATIONS WITH JUSTICE IN MIND!!!

    FAIR HONEST NEGOTIATION PROCESSES IN ORDER FOR JUSTICE TO BE SERVED, A HUMAN RIGHT OF ALL INDIGENOUS PEOPLES: Entering into fair honest negotiations to bring the crown to its knees in yielding, acknowledging Human Rights, including a ‘fair hearing rights’, to be heard, allowing time to be heard. As opposed to past negoiations where the crown has secret agendered pre-decided who and whats to be returned, under either of 2 dominating political party reps, national party or labour dominance.
    FULL CLOSURE OF PEACE AGREEMENTS REACHED, MOVING FORWARD INTO A FUTURE OF HEALING: Satisfying, successful, peace agreement settlements should be the outcome of true honest fair negotiations. This is the final judgment outcome, in the ordered PROCESS of JUSTICE to be completed.

    Its clear as to how this ‘MALE DOMINATED’, hui is being introduced as a CROWN EXPECTED AND LED HUI, and 1 of 9 being taken around the nation, all paid for by our own wasting money!! Money which should compensated for, by putting in a ‘crown led hui expenses claim’, for another FUNDS return!! Further more, its money Te Arawa Lakes Trust has not got, from already over spending its budget! This as another crown strategy, seeing the crown is gathering information feedback from those attending and taking our names down on attendence records to FALSELY REPORT we, ALL of Maoridom, AGREED to Te Arawa Lakes Trust, Chairman Uncle Toby and Roku Mihinui’s setup presentation, with the motives that we ALL appear to have supported and passed. When the CROWDS MOTIVATIONAL ENTHUSIAM WAS LACKING, EVEN ATTENDENCE WAS NOT A FULL HOUSE COMPARED TO THE AMOUNT OF KAI OFFERED IN A CARROT. This displays the tribal support of these Negotiators is questioned for replacement of a NEW NEGOTIATING TEAM to replace them. Final conclusion observation of hui plan: 1)Opening with welcloming, karakia and kai 2) Body, Uncle Roku Mihinui’s Presentation 3)Conclusion, Quickly passing it through a rigged voting process of permission fromthose attending. This stale hui PAKEHA SET AGENDA is become apparent, of another false hui to gather what the Crown requires, already displays submission & subjection to crown led processes with motives of CROWN GAINS INSTEAD OF JUSTICE FOR MAORI GREVIENCES unheard.

    I want to complain about how the crown national party incentive is behind Te Arawa Lakes Trusts huis, and its now a double insult to learn, the TRIBE IS EXPECTED TO PAY FOR ALL HUI EXPENSES while the corrupt shrewd strategic crown successfully gathered information. Another concern is TIME IN WHICH THESE NATIONWIDE HUI ARE BEING COMPLETED….is more time wasted in Maori replying to Challenge the Crown further in negotiations. Its all a crown led strategy to deter a TRUE justification process of serious negotiations calling for our FULL ATTENTION OF CONCENTRATION!! Pukana and Wero!!!
    This Report has been completed by RangiMarie aka Lady Justice, Te Arawa Independent Navigational Researcher of Investigative Studies (MAORI INVESTIGATIVE STUDIES AUTHORITY FOUNDER), A Tohunga Pattern Reader, Rotorua Mayoral Candidate 2013.
    Postal, physical Address: 1182b Eruera street, Rotorua.
    Mobile: (021)135 3097
    Nga mihi nui.

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